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We Help You Build Memories…

With Custom Cabinets

We believe every homeowner deserves custom cabinets. Homeowners and builders can work with our sister business, Infinity Woodworking and Cabinetry, to get personalized cabinetry uniquely tailored to their remodeling project.

Unlike many “custom” cabinetry companies, Infinity Woodworking and Cabinetry makes its own doors and cabinet boxes. Our craftsmanship, attention to detail and super quality set us apart.

Our cabinetmakers are master craftsman with 35 years of experience constructing custom cabinetry. These professionals use state-of-the-art woodworking equipment and finishing technology to fashion every cabinet.

We mill rough wood to keep your costs down. Build your cabinetry from a vast selection of premium hardwoods from oak, cherry and mahogany to exotic Zebrawood and aged barnwood.

We coat cabinets with durable and attractive finishes that protect them for a lifetime. Choose from glossy to matte finishes in every stain and solid color imaginable.

Visit Infinity Woodworking and Cabinetry to get customized, solid-wood cabinets that meet your unique needs and last a lifetime.

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